While 2014 has only just begun, it has already had a lot to offer and a lot more is on its way. Our dinner events seem to be increasingly popular, not to mention the 'all time' teambuilding concepts such as our city games, the strategy-based 'Heritage' game, our Black Diamond discovery game in Antwerp and many more....
Dinner concepts
Time is money! That's what our customers think, and they are right of course... Why not have an animation element during your annual staff-dinner? Something which is suitable for everyone in the group - the introverts and the extroverts alike... our Games master has the tools to keep everyone entertained. Did you already discover our 'Battle of the Tables' or our 'Heritage dinner' format?
iPad or Eye-Path?
Event Masters developed their own inhouse citygame, based on iPads. The app is called "Eye-Path" and has been a huge success as of its launch in April 2013. Aside from covering all major Belgian cities, Event Masters also offers Eye-path in Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Edinburgh, Stockholm, Hamburg ... and in more cities to come!
Event Masters likes to think outside the box with you. While our "Eye-path" game and our "Battle of the Tables" are innovative in themselves, we like to push them to another level by implementing YOUR demands and requests. Both can be adapted to support your presentations and your product launches. We can even have your meeting objectives implemented into these concepts!
Coming up
Are you interested
in attending
the launch event?
"A taste of Belgium", a new iPad dinner event is in the make! We expect its launch in about two months. It will offer your participants a great way to experience the best Belgian food and drinks! Insight into the chef's cuisine with possibilities to download their menus, experience the Belgian culture through fun activities, background information on Belgian classic products, interactivity between participants, ... these are just some of the features coming up.
Let us know by mail to info@eventmasters.be with the subject "I like Belgium" and we'll put you on the list. Places are limited to a first come first serve basis so don't wait too long to get in touch!
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