Surprise your colleagues with an EXPERIENCE MEETING and jumpstart their creative thinking!

Making your meeting successful is what we do best at Radisson Blu Astrid hotel. 18 flexible meeting rooms and free wireless internet for everybody help, but there’s more to it!

Meeting rooms with an UNUSUAL set-up or a DIFFERENT look and feel can be quite inspiring. And what about a lunch with BRAIN FOOD to boost your energy all the more?

Discover the new “Experience Meetings” packages of Radisson Blu Astrid hotel, Antwerp!
Our Brain Box has been designed to inspire your participants to let their creative ideas flow! For once they can write on the walls or daydream as they gaze at the relaxing nature views laying back in the cosy fatboy cushions!

Or have a meeting with sharks! No, not in the tank, but right next to it. What can be more relaxing and inspiring than sharks, sea turtles and coralreef fish circling within eyesight? Aquatopia, the oceanarium in the hotel, can offer you this enchanting experience.

The salon of a hotel suite can also guarantee brilliant ideas. The TV can be replaced with a plasmascreen to project your inspirational presentations.

Another great idea for an unusual experience is a Box-in-a-room. In one of our big conference rooms we build you a small, intimate space that you can decorate according your needs with a round table or easy cushions. Anything to give you that original meeting experience, followed by the greatest brainstorm ideas!
To keep your participants’ brain going and ideas flowing, our Chef and his team offer you genuine Brain Food!

BRAIN FOOD stands for
innovative and responsible food & beverage solutions
developed by skilled chefs and nutrionists
that improve efficiency, the ability to concentrate
and mental speed!
Enjoy the night in one of our 247 contemporary and luxurious rooms, including business class rooms, suites or 19 stylish apartments. The large fitness area, swimming, Jacuzzi and sauna are free for use for hotel guests.
Radisson Blu Astrid hotel
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